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100% of our recipes feature veggies & beans


Cultivate curiosity for flavors & cultures from around the world
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Homemade veggie meals without the prep and cleanup!

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lil’gourmets is the first and only fresh organic veggie meal.

100% of our global recipes feature veggies & beans as the first & primary ingredients, delivering 1+ daily serving of veggies/beans per cup.

With only 2-5g of sugar and uniquely delicious chef-crafted spice blends, these fresh, ready-to eat veggie meals are a perfect meal for a baby, a side dish for a toddler, or a healthy snack or dip for kids and adults of any age.

Mom-owned & kid-loved!

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Parents & Kids Love Us!

"There are so many baby food companies on the market but after I tried lil’gourmets, I was sold at first taste! The products are rich with nutrients and burst with flavor at every bite. As a pediatrician, I always promote homemade food and lil’gourmets taste like they were made in your kitchen! I love that ALL their products are almost all vegetables, which makes them low in sugar. Most parents I speak to are looking for more convenient healthy food options, so I recommend lil’gourmets as a great choice for babies, toddlers, and really any child who needs more vegetables in their diet."

Dr. Rupa Mahadevan, Pediatrician and Pediatric Advisor to lil'gourmets

This is the best food for babies (and hungry moms who sneak a nibble) I've ever encountered. My kiddo eats it with vigor and requests it above all others. I feel good about the high quality and fresh, wholesome content. I highly recommend the whole food purees from lil'gourmets!

Jamie, Chicago

This baby food is amazing. As a mother of 3 living in Westchester, NY, we have tried many brands. Love that this is organic, fresh, convenient, and tasty (as far as I can tell from my baby devouring it)! Thank you for creating this product.

Mia, Westchester

After trying almost every baby food I could find in stores and my daughter refusing to eat any of them I was about to completely give up until I came across lil’gourmets, so I figured I would give it a try and I’m so glad I did!
She loved the flavors ! And it’s even more exciting to know they’re all organic! Best baby food by far.

Jazzlyn, Chicago

This product is exactly what I was looking for. As a working mom and mother of three I want to make sure that my kids are getting the nutrition they need and making my own baby food is a real difficulty. Finding lil'gourmets was wonderful because I now know that my little one is getting healthy food, being exposed to wonderful flavors and enjoying her food!!!!

Bernadette, Chicago

As a mother who has tried all kinds of baby food brands with my three kids I am continuously surprised how little variety in terms of flavors exists out there in the market. We eat a lot of spiced food in our house and it's hard to transition baby to those types of flavors when most baby food brands are quite bland. Lil' gourmets has tons of flavor with a little spice that allowed us to slowly get our little one used to more variety beyond what she is typically used to. Though we just tried the three flavors available at the moment - we look forward to seeing more!! Many thanks to the creative minds that came up with this unique blend of flavor.

Caroline, NY

"Working full time and now on my second child, I've been finding it hard to have time to puree my own baby food for my infant especially as he's a voracious eater.  I am delighted to finally have found a product that fits the bill in its freshness, quality of ingredients and amazing flavor combinations!  And as a fellow foodie, I've been really enjoying expanding my baby's palate by introducing spices sooner - he loves the Lil' Gourmets foods and seems so satisfied after eating!  Thanks for making such yummy baby food - I have even tried them all and thoroughly enjoyed!!"

Happy in NY 

My son (9 months) learn to sign "more" because of lil'g! He goes bananas over the food, and I feel so good feeding it to him!

Julee, Chicago

My son (21 months) absolutely loves Lil' Gourmets! He loves to practice feeding himself and licks his spoon clean every time. His Lil' Gourmets is always his first choice on his plate. I feel good about offering Lil' Gourmets as well because I know there's lots of nutrition from mostly vegetables in each one.

Erin, Chicago