Welcome to the lil'gourmets veggie voyagers program!

The veggie voyagers program is a network of parents who are fans of lil’gourmets and want to help spread the word about our fresh, organic globally inspired veggie meals that are unlike any other ready-to-eat meals and snacks.

How does the program work?

veggie voyagers members receive:

  • free lil’gourmets veggie meals
  • fun lil’gourmets gear
  • $50 payment for completion of the program
  • opportunities to earn extra dollars for additional activities like referring new lil’gourmets veggie voyagers members, store visits and more!

veggie voyagers members provide:

  • word of mouth advocacy of lil’gourmets product and mission via social media and (socially distanced!) person-to-person for a two-month timeframe
    • At least three lil’gourmets social media posts
    • A store visit to redeem free coupons and ensure we look our best at shelf
    • Sharing of 30 lil’gourmets coupons with your friends, family and community
    • Your feedback via product review on lilgourmets.com and target.com

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Questions? Contact hello@lilgourmets.com

We can't wait to hear from you!


Curious how lil’gourmets was born?

The lil’gourmets story begins with our founder Shibani’s long struggle with infertility leading her to eliminate all processed foods from her diet. When she finally had her son, she wanted to make sure his first foods were also wholesome and nutritious. However, she was stunned by the lack of fresh and healthy baby food options on the market. The only ready-to-eat options were over-processed, too bland or too high in sugar – and they just didn’t look, smell or taste like a vegetable should.

So she began something she never thought she would as a new Mom and working parent: cooking all his meals! She cooked for him the way she cooked for herself, with a variety of vegetables, beans, meats, and spices to create recipes that sounded delicious to her. As he became a toddler, she saw how the flavorful foods had impacted his palate. He ate a wider variety of foods than other kids his age, which made her curious. 

She began to learn more about first foods and found medical research shows a high correlation between our first foods and our future eating habits. Despite this, the options on the market seemed to be setting our kids up to have a strong preference for sweet and salty foods.

All of this led her to launch lil’gourmets knowing there must be other parents looking for truly nutritious, truly delicious, vegetable focused meals that taste like they were made fresh that day.

We are growing and now looking for parents to join our new lil’gourmets veggie voyagers program to help us spread the word about our fresh, organic globally inspired veggie meals. We can’t wait for you to partner with us in supporting our mission of helping kids fall in love with veggies!