our mission & values

Our Mission & Values

lil’gourmets strives to cultivate curiosity in lil’ones with nourishing, veggie-focused, global cuisines from an early age to help them fall in love with vegetables and flavorful foods for life.

You know that look a baby gets when they discover something new or taste something delicious?  Their eyes light up, they laugh, and they make it very obvious they want MORE!!  During the days when you’re exhausted, sleep deprived, and weighed down by all that there is to get done, that look makes it all worth it.  We strive to make it easier for parents to experience that joy on a daily basis by creating meals that are the closest thing to homemade. The key values that drive our decisions to get those products to you are Integrity, Quality, Community Involvement, and Having Fun.

Integrity: Our integrity is of utmost importance to us. We are providing you food for the most precious people in your life. Every decision we make and everything we do is guided by our desire to do what is best for our babies.

Quality: Your baby deserves the best and you deserve the security of knowing you are feeding her the best. To us, quality is more than the use of organic ingredients. We want their little bodies to actually absorb the nutrients that are inherent in vegetables, fruits, and spices. We focus on vegetables and limit the amount of fruit so that our products are low in sugar.  We then utilize Cold-Pressure Processing to retain the nutrients, while ensuring the food is safe.

Community Involvement: As parents, we want to leave the world a better place than we found it and help those who are less fortunate. lil’gourmets also want to do its part and donates 5% of our profits to help feed and educate children in need.

Having Fun!: The laughter children bring to a home is infectious and always reminds us no matter what stress life brings, everything is better with laughter!