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Why You'll Love Our Products

We are so proud to offer you our products. We believe there are so many reasons you and your baby will love our food.

  • Baby food does not need to be bland! Somewhere along the way, a myth formed in the U.S. leading many to believe that babies need to eat bland food. It’s not true!!  Babies can and should eat what we like to eat.  And when is the last time you craved unseasoned cooked vegetables?  We are not afraid to offer “adult” flavors to babies, and you should not be either. There is significant research showing spices are safe and beneficial for babies.  The inclusion of spices allows us to make delicious food without added sugar, salt, or the overuse of fruit.
  • We want babies to learn to love their vegetables! Most of our competition offer either bland vegetables or blends of mostly fruit with a hint of vegetables. And imagine how we would feel if the majority of our meals were fruit smoothies?  We want children to learn to love their vegetables so we offer products which are primarily all vegetables.  This means our products contain 4-5 grams of naturally occurring sugar (none added).  Most of our competitors’ top SKUs average 10 grams of sugar.
  • Feeding babies flavorful food now will help expand their palates as children. Studies show the best time to introduce new flavors to babies is from 4 months to 2 years. This is a crucial time for healthy eating and palate development.
  • How our food is prepared is just as important as what it is. Many shelf-stable products look and sound nutritious, however, they heat their products to extreme temperatures to ensure their food stays safe for years. This heat pasteurization process can destroy a significant portion of the product’s nutrients and flavor. We utilize a process called high pressure pasteurization (HPP), which ensures our food stays safe without impacting the taste and nutritional profile of our products.  Your baby absorbs the nutrients inherent in our vegetables, fruits, and spices, as you would expect them to.
  • We have also chosen not to package our products in a pouch for a number of reasons.  Playing with food and learning how to use a spoon are critical for a baby’s development.  Bonding with a parent/caretaker through feeding is so important.  And just as we may miss our satiety cues when drinking our meals, the same happens to our babies, leading to overeating.  There is also research showing that use of the pouch is contributing to tooth decay.  Lastly, pouches are not recyclable.  And with a pouch, we wouldn’t have pictures like these!