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Working full time and now on my second child, I've been finding it hard to have time to puree my own baby food for my infant especially as he's a voracious eater.  I am delighted to finally have found a product that fits the bill in its freshness, quality of ingredients and amazing flavor combinations!  And as a fellow foodie, I've been really enjoying expanding my baby's palate by introducing spices sooner - he loves the Lil' Gourmets foods and seems so satisfied after eating!  Thanks for making such yummy baby food - I have even tried them all and thoroughly enjoyed!!

with love, happy in ny

I didn’t discover Lil’Gourmets until after I had already started to follow baby led weaning. However, Lil'G's is the only pureed baby food that I continue to feed my twins even now that they have teeth and are almost walking. I just can't find a more convenient, nutritious, better tasting and useful product. 

When we’re on the go, Lil’G’s is great way for me to make sure that they get a nutritious meal that they will actually eat. Mixed with whole grains such as farro or quinoa, it makes it much easier for the babies to feed themselves with less mess. I’ve also used it as a dipping sauce for meats to balance out their meal and to ensure that they’ll eat whatever I’ve added Lil’G’s to.

Best of all, at our last doctor’s appointment, the pediatrician was surprised at how good their blood test results were and told me to just keep feeding them the same way that I had been!

Joyce, Chicago, IL

My son (21 months) absolutely loves lil'gourmets! He loves to practice feeding himself and licks his spoon clean every time. His lil'gourmets is always his first choice on his plate. I feel good about offering lil'gourmets as well because I know there's lots of nutrition from mostly vegetables in each one.

Erin, Chicago IL

My son (9 months) learn to sign "more" because of lil'g!  He goes bananas over the food, and I feel so good feeding it to him! 

Julee, Chicago, IL

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We offer both ala-carte and subscription options.  Subscription orders are 2 or more cases delivered monthly and receive a 10% discount.  We guarantee a minimum of 15 days of shelf life for our orders.  

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