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lil’gourmets is the first and only fresh organic veggie meal for kids.

Our delicious, nutrient-dense & refrigerated ready-to-eat meals feature veggies & beans as their first & primary ingredients, delivering 1+ daily serving of vegetables per cup, with no added salt or sugar. They are a perfect meal for a baby or a snack or dip for kids of any age.

We are based on the latest medical research advocating early & often exposure to vegetables. With our fresh, organic veggie meals we strive to deliver taste and nutrition that is closest to homemade while we help kids develop a love of vegetables and authentic global flavors for life.

Mom-owned & kid-loved!

Parents & Kids Love Us!

"There are so many baby food companies on the market but after I tried lil’gourmets, I was sold at first taste! The products are rich with nutrients and burst with flavor at every bite. As a pediatrician, I always promote homemade food and lil’gourmets taste like they were made in your kitchen! I love that ALL their products are almost all vegetables, which makes them low in sugar. Most parents I speak to are looking for more convenient healthy food options, so I recommend lil’gourmets as a great choice for babies, toddlers, and really any child who needs more vegetables in their diet."

Dr. Rupa Mahadevan, Pediatrician and Pediatric Advisor to lil'gourmets

This is baby food? How can it be this AMAZING! I am not used to saying the words amazing and baby food all in the same sentence but this does it for me! This particular version is super tasty with carrots dipped in it for toddlers (and the occasional parent sneaking them when the kiddo has turned away. Ha!) I am seriously impressed with the high quality of this food and can't wait to try this veggie meal mixed with some cream cheese to make a dip for myself to serve with crackers. You guys they are THAT good!


I love that this brand is fresh, organic, and great quality food. Food you actually told yourself you’d give your kid if you had the time to boil things and mash them. I love that they are introducing spices that you wouldn’t normally give your child. It really advances their palettes and opens them up to more foods than the average kid. My kid loved this flavor. I’m glad to see a company thinking outside the box and offering foods that bring that to the table. I was able to try a couple flavors through lil gourmets and really glad I found a great, organic brand with quality ingredients.


This food is absolutely amazing! My daughter can’t get enough! Mealtime used to take forever and was a chore but that has honestly all changed!

I don’t often write reviews but I had to talk about this. I’ve actually tasted everything I’ve given my daughter and the recipes are truly tasty. I feel great about knowing how healthy the recipes are as well.
I only wish I knew about this food sooner!


My 5 And a half Month old loves it!! He’s tried all the flavors now and they are all a hit. I’m so happy that he’s getting exposed to all of these flavors and vegetables early on. Major bonus is that my toddler actually tried it and liked it too! And getting him to eat vegetables is nearly impossible these days so That was a huge win! Love lil gourmets!


I found lil'gourmets on my quest for pureed food that was thick, textured, and not fruit-based. My son Sam loves every flavor and they are great to mix with pastas and other grains, use as dips, or pair with cheese or meats.


We tried lil'gourmets after having no success on other subscription based baby foods as my daughter refused to take them. It was like miracle that she loved it from her first trial! She loved every flavor but gazpacho and curry are her favorite! She also loves beets!


My little one LOVES lil’ gourmets! I've tried all of them before giving it to him and appreciate how fresh the ingredients are and love that I’m introducing him to a variety of flavors and spices. I feel good giving him high quality food when I just don’t have the time to make it myself. Whenever I give it to him, he yells “more!” and “bite!” So I think it’s safe to say he loves it. :)


My 10 month old took a while to start eating solids and was absolutely against any premade baby foods. While I don’t mind making her food, it’s nice to have something on hand for busier days. A friend introduced me to lil gourmets and I was impressed by the different flavor profiles as I want to diversify my daughters flavor exposure early. So far she has LOVED every flavor we’ve tried and I love the ingredients for her. I would highly recommend this product!