Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes lil’gourmets so unique?
What does your ‘veggie-first promise’ mean?
Can lil'gourmets be my baby’s first food?
Can my baby really eat spices?
Is Lil’ Gourmets refrigerated?
Why does Lil’ Gourmets need to be refrigerated?
What is cold-pressure (HPP)?
How long will Lil’ Gourmets stay fresh?
Is your packaging BPA-Free?
Who are the advisors for lil'gourmets?

our ingredients

Is Lil’ Gourmets organic and non-GMO?
Is lil’ gourmets gluten-free?
Is lil’ gourmets vegan?
Is salt or sugar added to lil’ gourmets?
Does lil’ gourmets contain preservatives?
Does lil’ gourmets have allergens?
Are there allergens produced in your manufacturing facility on the shared equipment?
Where do lil’ gourmets ingredients come from?

subscriptions & ordering

What’s the status of my order?
How does lil’ gourmets subscription program work?
How do I change or cancel my subscription?
When will I get billed for my subscription?
When will my order ship?
Can I rush my order?
How will my order ship?
Is lil’ gourmets available internationally?

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Where can I buy lil’ gourmets?
Where in the store can I find lil’ gourmets?