Our Story

Our Story

Your baby gets flavorful food in the womb. She gets flavorful food if nursed. Why lose the flavor when she starts eating solids? That question led me to start lil’gourmets.

The first time I was going to feed my son packaged baby food, I opened a jar of carrots and tried it, but couldn’t bring myself to feed it to him. The vegetables didn’t look or taste as they should. I wanted to feed my son great tasting vegetables that were neither bland nor sweetened with fruit, but I couldn’t find anything in the market that met that need. So I decided I was going to start making his food. With my work schedule, though, it was going to be impossible to cook daily and definitely not in time for his 6 pm dinner.

Most of my Sundays became “batch” cooking days. Eventually, I was making 3-5 different dishes and freezing them for the week. I didn’t think twice about using spices including turmeric, cumin, and cinnamon in his food. My family had always cooked this way, as do most Eastern cultures. Not only did the spices add incredible flavor without the use of salt, they provided a whole host of benefits. Looking back, I now realize they were also helping to expand his palate.

I was so happy to be able to offer Jayden nutritious, flavorful food that he devoured, but the cooking and cleaning took away from my already limited time with him. I knew there must be others like me who aren’t satisfied with the current offerings, but who may not be able to regularly cook their baby’s meals. And that’s when the idea behind lil’gourmets was born.

I left Kraft Foods in late 2015 after spending over a decade there, and decided to follow my passion and pursue the launch of lil’gourmets. While developing the products, I learned of the impact of heat processing on the nutrients, taste, and color of shelf-stable baby food. With that knowledge, I did not feel good about launching a shelf-stable product. Fortunately, I learned of High-Pressure Processing (HPP) which retains the bulk of the nutrients in a product, while ensuring the food is safe and fresh. While it is more expensive and requires refrigeration, I would be able to stand by my products as truly being nutritious, yummy, and flavorful.

I had my second child in September, 2016 and I’ve been even bolder with the food I make for her. By the time she was six months old, she had tried at least a dozen herbs and spices and devoured them all! She was the perfect guinea pig to help finalize our products!