2020 Dietary Guidelines for Infants & Toddlers

2020 Dietary Guidelines for Infants & Toddlers - lil'gourmets

2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Update

On July 15, the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee created the first ever guidelines for infants and toddlers, and we're thrilled that their recommendations are central to our lil'gourmets' mission!  

We couldn't agree more with their finding that "nutritional exposures during the first 1,000 days of life not only contribute to long-term health but also help shape taste preferences and food choices.” 

We started lil’gourmets because, as moms, we saw firsthand the connection between our kids’ first foods and their future eating habits.

With our fresh, organic, globally-inspired veggie meals, we deliver essential nutrients today and help lil’ones develop a love of vegetables and flavorful foods for life. And our “veggie-first promise,” means 100% of our chef-crafted recipes will always have vegetables or beans as their first and primary ingredients.

What’s more is the committee also recommended avoiding "added sugars during the first 2 years of life."

We never have and never will add sugar to our meals. And, because of our focus on vegetables, the natural sugars in our products are all between 2-5g, which is about half of the national brands.

We invite you to explore the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients in all our recipes below to see for yourself!  

Thanks to the Advisory Committee for issuing these important guidelines for all parents to see.

See CNN's coverage of the guidelines here: https://cnn.it/2B9OCyg

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