7 Creative Ways to Add Veggies into your Baby's and Toddler’s Meals

7 Creative Ways to Add Veggies into your Baby's and Toddler’s Meals - lil'gourmets

Spark Curiosity Through These Baby Meals and Toddler Meals

As parents, we know our children should be eating veggies, but sometimes that can be hard! We designed our baby meals to be versatile, so in addition to serving them straight from the cup, you can use them to make delicious, nutritious meals for toddlers and babies. Below are 7 creative ways to use lil’gourmets as the base for healthy toddler snacks or spice up your baby meals even more. All these ideas were sourced directly from lil'gourmets parents so they've already been tested by our lil'chefs!

1. Cinnamon Beets + Apples Pancakes 

Yes, pancakes are tasty, but imagine them with the taste and nutrition of lil’gourmets Organic Cinnamon Beets + Apples baby meal to not only add delicious flavor but also to brighten up your lil’ones breakfast and make meal time fun! 

2. Sweet Potato Curry Stir-fry 

Toss in a lil’gourmets Organic Sweet Potato Curry baby meal into your favorite stir-fry. Whether the base is rice, cauliflower rice, quinoa, or couscous, simply mix the meal in and then add your favorite vegetables and protein. 

3. Moroccan Squash Soup 

Is it just us or does soup always sound good? One quick way to add an extra serving of veggies is to mix in a lil’gourmets Organic Moroccan Squash baby meal. We love adding it to chili for a lil’extra creaminess.  

3. Corn + Bean Gazpacho Breakfast Tacos 

 Our lil’gourmets Organic Corn + Bean Gazpacho baby meal brings the hummus-like and creamy, sweet texture while the tacos bring a little flare. Simply put 1-2 large dollops on top of your lil’ones favorite breakfast taco. 

4. Cauliflower Mash Mac and Cheese 

Did someone say veggies in mac and cheese? This is a great hack to add a subtle sweetness and creaminess to your favorite boxed mac & cheese. Mix in one lil’gourmets Organic Cauliflower Mash baby meal … you may even find you can use less cheese sauce and reduce the sodium in your favorite boxed mac and cheese! 

5. Grilled Chicken or Falafel dipped with Pumpkin Bean + Shawarma

Next time you serve your lil’one grilled chicken or falafel, surprise them with lil’gourmets Organic Pumpkin + Bean Shawarma on the side to use as a dipping sauce. Nutritious and delicious? High in protein and fiber? Check, check.

6. Cinnamon Beets + Apples Smoothie Bowls 

Kids love dipping and they love choice! We loved the idea of a smoothie bar from @abalancedchildhood who uses bananas, strawberries, apples, yogurt, raspberries and cereal. Start with a lil’gourmets Organic Cinnamon Beets + Apples baby meal and then cut up and place your favorite toppings in little dishes. Check it out here. 

Wait... I Want More Ideas! 

Did these creative ways to incorporate more veggies into your baby and toddlers' diet spark curiosity? We recommend our baby food variety pack to test out the recipes and don’t forget to share your fresh ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram to help inspire other parents out there! If you’re still craving more ways to incorporate veggies into your lil’ones diet check out our lil'gourmets recipe ideas for all ages.

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