Introducing the Clean Label Project Association: Baby Coalition

Introducing the Clean Label Project Association: Baby Coalition - lil'gourmets

This week, lil'gourmets joined the Clean Label Project, a non-profit with the mission to bring truth and transparency to food and consumer product labeling, and over 30 global CEOs from top baby, child, and maternal health brands to announce the debut of the Clean Label Project Association: Baby Coalition. The mission of this coalition is to educate consumers, retailers, fellow brands, and the medical and regulatory communities on the risks of environmental and industrial contaminant exposure to infants and babies. The Baby Coalition's overall goal is also to advocate for positions on progressive legislative and policy issues related to industrial and environmental contaminants and other chemicals of concern and their harmful impact on infant, child, and maternal health.

As a first directive, the Baby Coalition has drafted and signed a letter in support of the FDA Draft Guidance to Industry: Action Levels for Lead in Food Intended for Babies and Young Children. We are also urging the FDA to utilize this group's collective experience on product sourcing, testing, safety, and heavy metal limit regulations to enforce stricter heavy metal contaminant limits in packaged foods for babies and young children than proposed.

Read the press release here.  

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